• How to Enroll into Fitbod's Beta Program

    Before enrolling into Fitbod's beta program, it is recommended you read the following articles:

    What is beta testing and what are the risks?


    Table of Contents

    How to enroll for iOS

    How to install for iOS

    How to enroll for Android

    How to install for Android


    To enroll in Fitbod's beta program for iOS

    Email us at beta@fitbod.me with "I'd like to be a Fitbod beta tester for iOS!" in the subject line and tell us why you'd like to be a beta tester.

    Please provide your first and last name, or we won't be able to add you!


    To install Fitbod beta builds for iOS

    Shortly after you have completed the steps to enroll in Fitbod's beta program, you will receive an automated email welcoming you to Fitbod's beta program! In the email, you will be provided with information about enrollment and how to report feedback as a beta tester. Once we enroll you in the beta program and we release a new beta, you will receive an invitation email from Apple to join the Fitbod beta group. You will be prompted to install the free TestFlight app from the App Store. Once you accept your invitation, you’ll be able to download the beta version of Fitbod.


    Important Note:

    ***If you already have the App Store version of the app installed on your device, the beta version of the app will replace the live version, keeping your data intact. We do not currently utilize the “Redeem” button in TestFlight.


    To enroll in Fitbod's beta program for Android

    Our Android Beta is now closed and we are no longer accepting applicants for the Beta Program.

    Email our Support team at android-beta@fitbod.me for more information or status details of our Android Beta Program.


    To install Fitbod beta builds for Android

    Once enrolled in the beta program, you will simply have access to the beta builds from our Google Play Store page. To confirm you have been enrolled, you should see You're a beta tester on Fitbod's Google Play Store page and the latest beta will be available for download.



    If you're experiencing issues with installing the beta version of the app, please email us at support@fitbod.me