• How can I use Fitbod as a beginner?

    Make sure you complete the onboarding process which starts the first time you open Fitbod. This process asks you a few questions about yourself and your goals. If you skipped through the onboard process, you can set your Fitness Experience level to beginner in Your Gym profile (top center of the Workout screen). This setting will reduce workout difficulty, recommend more commonly known exercises, and adjust the total workout duration.

    Next, the Sets, Reps, and Weight schemes will be adjusted to fit your level. If you can’t perform the given number of Sets and Reps, feel free to lower these until you’re able to perform effectively and with proper form.

    Tapping “Instructions” will open a list of step-by-step instructions, a video demonstration, and an image of targeted muscle groups.

    If you'd like some additional guidance, we urge our beginner fitness users to join our Facebook Community, as it is a great place to ask questions and share ideas! For more personal or direct questions, please feel free to email us at support@fitbod.me

  • Do I have to follow Fitbod's recommended workouts?

    Nope, Fitbod is all about customization to what you want to do. If you would rather create your own workout from scratch, you can do that too by using our exercise list that includes over 400 exercises. Simply log your exercises, monitor your muscle recovery state, view your exercise history, and enjoy the peace of mind that your exercise history is safely stored.

    Below are some customizable workout features you can do while using Fitbod:

    • Edit reps, sets, and weight for any exercise
    • Replace an exercise with a different exercise for the same muscle group
    • Delete any exercise
    • Edit target muscle groups
    • Turn two or more exercises into a superset or circuit
    • Create your own workout from scratch using our exercise library
    • Save created workouts for later use

    For additional information and instructions about these editing features, please visit the article Editing Workout.

  • If I can’t finish the recommended set, rep, and weight combo, should I adjust the weight or the reps?


    The app converts all sets, reps, and weight schemes into a Projected 1 Rep Max (more info on Projected 1RM) number. So doing less reps or less weight will lower this number regardless of which one you reduce. The app will see you did less than recommended and will recommend slightly less next time. The opposite is true if you do more than recommended. If you are unable to complete the recommended sets, the app will see this and next time lower the prediction by a little bit.

  • Should I be going to failure when doing the exercises in my workout?

    As a beginner, your goal shouldn't be performing your exercises to failure. More experienced lifters do perform exercises to failure as their final set but as a beginner, your body needs to adjust to this type of strain. That being said, your main goal should be completing the workout feeling challenged but not too overworked.

    During your workout, if you feel like you can do more, please consider some of the following:

    • Add an additional exercise that targets the same muscle group
    • Add an additional set to an existing exercise
    • Increase the number of reps in an existing exercise
    • Increase the amount of weight

    When making any of these adjustments to your workout, please keep in mind that your exercises should be challenging but DOABLE (especially during the final few reps of a set) with good form!