• Why am I unable to view my workout history and/or results?

    If you are in the London time zone and may be encountering connectivity or syncing problems with the servers, such as difficulty loading workout history and results, the issue may stem from server categorization. The Fitbod servers were classified as mature content by certain service providers, resulting in automatic blocks due to their filtering of adult content. This classification was a misunderstanding, as Fitbod does not endorse any adult content. Efforts have been made to rectify this misunderstanding with our service provider.

    A solution has been implemented; nonetheless, if you are still experiencing this issue, it may be attributable to certain mobile providers not updating their list of approved servers.

    If you have EE, EE needs to refresh their information for servers that are considered to have adult content, you can change your parental control settings to view your Fitbod workout history and results. Please use this informational article as a guide. If you have a different provider, we recommend looking into how to update your settings to disable the content block.

    ***Important Note:

    If you are not located in the EU and are unable to view your workout history and/or results please contact support at support@fitbod.me.

  • If my first set is too easy (little to no effort), do I increase weight or do more reps?

    Generally speaking (and for safety reasons), you would do more sets/reps. It is recommended to complete the entire recommendation first and add a set with more reps if you are able to complete the exercise with proper form. Please keep in mind that the goal is to not "max out" or completely fatigue after the first set as you'll most likely have more sets to go (additionally sets can catch up to you quickly).

    Alternatively, if your second to last set is still too easy, you can increase weight slightly and finish the exercise at that weight.

    If you do add more sets/reps/weight, the app will account for this in your recommendations for the next time you perform the exercise.



    ***Important Note

    Please keep in mind that this is a general response and if you have a specific goal of lifting heavier weight for competitive purposes this advice might not pertain to you. For additional information or questions, feel free to reach out to Ask a Trainer program by sending an email to trainer@fitbod.me.

  • Can I use Fitbod without an internet connection?


    You can open and use Fitbod without being connected to the internet. Once you finish and log a workout, your workout data will be saved locally to your device. Once you are connected to the internet, the app will write your workout data to Fitbod's database for proper storage.


    Important Note:

    If you delete Fitbod from your device while your data is locally saved, that data might become deleted and will no longer be retrievable.

  • I don’t see an exercise in the app. Can I create my own?

    On our immediate roadmap, an option to create your own exercises isn’t something coming as we prefer to add these exercises ourselves. The reason being is that we give a value to each muscle group that is used in each exercise, and implement that into our algorithm. We like to keep this streamlined, whereas it might have a different relative value to you and another user. This would in turn make the algorithm relative and not necessarily accurate for the app. This isn't to say that it can't be or won't be done in the future.

    For now, we ask that users who want exercises added, please send them to us by visiting our Request an Exercise page. You can also visit this If the requested exercises gain enough traction amongst the queue, we will add them into our program. 

    In addition, we have received requests asking to implement activities like rock climbing, yoga, soccer, basketball, etc. This has been discussed amongst the Fitbod team and we'd love to integrate it into the app but it is a bit tricky from a quantitative standpoint since movements can be highly variable session-to-session and would hinder muscle recovery accuracy. Again, this isn't to say that it can't be or won't be done, but it is projected that will take some time.


    *Important Note: We get A LOT of exercise requests so please keep in mind that we simply can't include ALL of the requests we receive. We do consider each one and track how often they are requested. When decisions are made with regards to new exercises, the Fitbod team considers safety first and overall usability by our users as a whole.

  • For unilateral exercises, do I log reps and weight for both sides or per side?

    Single-leg or single arm exercises are known as unilateral exercises that should be performed on both sides.

    For unilateral exercises, Fitbod will indicate how to properly log these. For instance, Dumbbell Lunge will display # of reps PER LEG and the amount of weight PER ARM (image below).




    *Important Note: If you are using an Apple Watch, you won't see this configuration from the Fitbod watch app. This configuration will only display on the phone app.

  • When should I move up my Fitness Experience?

    The main differences between fitness experience levels are the available exercises and the rate of muscle recovery.

    Here is a list of key points that, I believe, are good indications that you should move up your Fitness Experience setting:

    • You have used your current fitness experience setting for at least a couple months
    • Exercises in your workout are easy
    • Exercises in your workout are boring
    • You want more challenging movements in your workout
    • Your muscle recovery state isn't recovering as fast as you feel

    If you have met at least 4 of the 5 key points above, it is a good time to move up in Fitness Experience! (YAY!)

  • I would like to request a feature. How do I do this?

    Have a great idea that you would love to see in the app? We at Fitbod appreciate and are open to feature ideas and requests from our users!

    Please feel free to email us your request at feedback@fitbod.me and put "Feature Request" as the subject.


    ***Important Note:

    We get A LOT of requests and we do consider each one we receive, but please keep in mind that decisions made about what features are implemented into the app are based on request frequency and whether we believe it falls under Fitbod's mission.

  • What kind of data do we store?

    Fitbod stores your body profile (if connected to Apple Health) and various types of workout data, including logged exercises, gym settings, workout duration, exercise sets, reps, and weight.

    Fitbod does not share or sell your data.

    Please see our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for more information about what types of data we store.


    Important Note:

    Fitbod is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant, so deleting your account will delete all data associated with your Fitbod account. Deleting the app from your device will delete all locally saved data that is associated with Fitbod from your device.