• I'm having issues with Fitbod syncing with my Apple Watch. What can I do?

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    During a Workout in Progress

    Finalizing a Workout



    Fitbod's Apple Watch app is not installing on my device

    We typically see this happen after an iOS and Watch OS system update. From our experience, deleting the app from the phone and doing a fresh install is the most common solution I've seen. If you do go this route, please email us at support@fitbod.me. Doing an update or restarting both devices has also seemed to work as an alternative.

    If you are still experiencing the issue, please try deleting the app and reinstalling again but leaving some time before you reinstall, probably around 30 min.


    During a Workout in Progress

    The communication between the Apple Watch and iPhone is a delicate one. Here are a few tips to minimize the sync disruption between the two devices during your Fitbod workout. 

    1. Open Fitbod on both the Apple Watch and iPhone prior to starting your workout - this will allow both apps to sync prior to data collection
    2. Try to keep your Apple Watch and iPhone within Bluetooth range of each other throughout your workout
    3. Try to keep Fitbod open on your iPhone or running the background throughout your workout


    Finalizing a Workout

    Similar to the previous section, here are a few tips to minimize any sync disruption between your Apple Watch and iPhone when finalizing your workout.

    1. Complete the finalization process on your iPhone as soon as possible
    2. Keep your iPhone and Fitbod open throughout the finalization process


    Important Note:

    ***If you continue to experience issues with the Apple Watch integration, please email us at support@fitbod.me


  • The button to Connect to Strava in Fitbod doesn't work, why?

    When connecting Strava in Fitbod, Safari will need to open to the Strava login page. If the Connect to Strava button doesn't do anything on your end, you might not have Safari enabled on your iOS device. To check this: 

    1. Open your iPhone settings
    2. Screen Time
    3. Content & Privacy Restrictions
    4. Allowed Apps

    Safari needs to be toggled to ON.


    If the issue continues, please email us at support@fitbod.me for assistance.